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Hi! [Nov. 8th, 2011|05:54 pm]
[mood |determined]

Never tried the Master Cleanse, so I just have a few questions if anyone would mind answering!

1) If you follow the Ease-Out stage properly, will you gain any weight back that you lost?

2) Weight loss examples from 7 days, 10 days & 12?

I'd really appreciate the help! (:

[User Picture]From: epilady
2011-11-09 12:14 am (UTC)
If you do the master cleanse purely for weight loss you will be sorely disappointed.

My personal experience with the MC is that 10-14 days of fasting, followed by a few days of re-entry (soups, veggies purees, etc) typically results in 14-16 pounds of weight loss. About 2 days after you start eating solid foods, you will automatically regain approximately 5-10 pounds, because your digestive system is once again full of waste. So...2 weeks for ~5-6 pounds of actual weight loss. You'll lose more "real" weight if you do a longer fast....people can lose significant weight and keep it off with longer cleanses (i.e. 20, 30, 40 days) ...but you'll always regain at least 5 pounds of "water" weight, AKA digesting solids and liquids.

Now, if you do the cleanse as a starting point for a raw foods or vegan diet, or to make other significant dietary changes, you can probably keep that 5# of "real" weight loss and start adding to it. If you simply return to your former way of eating, you'll most likely weigh more a month or so after the cleanse than before you started due to metabolic slowing.

I love the cleanse, and do some sort of fast at least once a year (lately have preferred veggie juice fasts over the MC) but I would never consider them some kind of "diet."
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[User Picture]From: lakemi
2011-11-09 04:09 am (UTC)
I did the master cleanse for 10 days and didn't lose any weight really. Maybe a pound or two, but not much at all. I did lose weight after the cleanse was over because I stopped craving junk and ate really healthily and I learned when I was actually hungry or craving something and when I was just bored.
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[User Picture]From: missnormajean
2011-11-09 10:40 pm (UTC)


I have done the Master Cleanse three times and each time have lost about 15-18 pounds and didn't gain it back for probably six months, not because the diet fails, but because I started eating junk again-ugh! It happens to the best of us :) Anyway, if you would like to add me as a friend here, I've written out all my experiences in Journal Entries, I'm happy for you to go and read them, may give you some more insight? I'm about to start the cleanse again tomorrow...if you'd like to do it "together," we'll be better for it! Let me know....Norma Jean
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